Homeopathic Flu Injection

What is the Homeopathic Flu Injection?

  • A combination of herbal & natural remedies diluted homeopathically
  • The products used are injectable ampoules manufactured under strict quality control regulations in Germany

How does it work?

  • The homeopathic remedies prevent colds, influenza and viral infections
  • Boosts or regulates the immune system
  • Increases resistance to viral infections
  • Reduces recurrent infections

Homeopathic vs. Conventional Flu Vaccine

  • The homeopathic flu injection contains no live attenuated viruses
  • The homeopathic flu injection has fewer side effects whereas many patients find they get sick after the conventional flu vaccine
  • Unlike the conventional flu vaccine, the homeopathic flu injection may be administered when the patient is already sick, with a booster dose of Echinacea compositum

How is it administered?

  • An intramuscular injection usually into the gluteus maximus as this is less painful but may be given into the arm muscle if preferred
  • 1 single dose may be enough for healthier patients, with a booster injection on the first signs of any infection
  • For patients who are prone to recurrent infections or have a weak immune system, a 3 week course is suggested and then once monthly during winter 

Oral Drops Available

  • For those who dislike injections or small children, Oral Homeopathic Flu Prophylaxis drops are also available to prevent colds and flu.